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Since July 2008, the Musicaviva Association has organized a week of master classes taught by famous teachers. The courses are exclusively addressed to the members of “Musicaviva”, who will have the chance to study and improve the technique of their instrument by working daily with the teacher. The week is enriched by thematic seminars and concert lessons performed by teachers and students of higher courses. The opening of the course of specialization always begins with a solo exhibition inside the Castle of Busca. The afternoon includes the presentation of the courses, teachers and seminars and is enriched by a concert and refreshments. The week concludes with a recital by the classes: an instrument and orchestral performance in concert form.

Mango  is situated 521 meters above sea level in the Western Langhe in Piedmont. According to local historian Don Battista Pio, the founding of Mango took place following the destruction of three castles located in Prave, Vene and Vaglio, whose inhabitants  gathered on the hilltop and established a new settlement around the thirteenth century. A feud of the Marquis of Vasto,it  later passed to the Marquis of Monferrato and in 1344 to the Marquis of Busca, to whom we owe the construction of the castle. The town of Mango has dedicated an interesting initiative to the dog, man’s best friend, building a monumental stele and organizing important competitions and dogshows yearly. Viticulture is the hinge of the agricultural economy of Mango; it is mainly focused on the production of Moscato and Barbera grapes, famous D.O.C wines. This is flanked by cereal production in “foraggera”. The parish church in Mango is dedicated to the saints James and Christopher.

Take motorway A21 (Turin/Piacenza), exit at Asti Est. Then take motorway A33 to CUNEO and  exit at Castagnito. Follow in the direction to Neive, and then follow the signs to reach Mango. 


All the teachers of the summer Music Master Mangomusica 2019 are professional musicians and well-known teachers in the Conservatories of Torino, Novara, Alessandria and the state of Georgia in the United States. 

The firm “Diapason of Bergamini A. & B.” is the supplier of all pianos present the course including the Grotrian - Steinwegcabinet 192.

Meeting point for LYRIC SINGING: at Mango Castle on Thursday 4th of July at 10:00 a.m.

PERIOD 04/07/2019 - 06/07/2019 Masterclass ok Lyric Singing
PERIOD 05/07/2019 - 14/07/2019 for all string instruments
PERIOD 07/07/2019 - 14/07/2019 for all other instruments
PERIOD 08/07/2019 - 10/07/2019 Jazz piano


  • REGISTRATION : Registration of participants will be accepted in order of the arrival of equests; after a maximum number of 10 participants  a waiting list will be set up.  Deadline : 15 June 2019, beyond this date it is possible to inquire about a possible vacancy at “CONTATTI”. 
  • CANCELLATION:  In case of a cancellation, will be given a refound of the amount paid as a deposit, but not the membership fee.  
  • MINIMUM NUMBER: In case the minimum of 3 participants is not reached, the Association will refund the entire amount paid, including the membership fee. 
  • CONCERTS : All concerts of the week will be performed  by  students and teachers . Members who wish to perform  in these concerts should tell the teacher and signal it at registration time.  
  • RECITALS: The instrumental, vocal and chamber music recitals will be performed at the end of the week. On this occasion all students will receive a certificate of participation.



05/07/2019  ORE 10:00 Reception of participants with string instruments 
                      ORE 15:00 Orchestra rehearsal

06/07/2019  ORE  10:00 Orchestra rehearsal

06/07/2019  ORE  15:00 Orchestra rehearsal

07/07/2019  ORE  10:00 Orchestra dress rehearsal

07/07/2019  ORE  16:00 Inaugural concert in the Chiesa dei Battuti – STRING ORCHESTRA of Partecipants   - Chiesa dei Battuti - MANGO (CN)

  The definitive Calendar of orchestra concerts will be communicated to the participants shortly before master start, together with the sending of musical scores

 RECEPTION OF PARTICIPANTS in the courses of piano and guitar

07/07/2019  ORE  10:00  :   Reception of participants for piano and guitar at the Castello di Busca   -interno  Enoteca

Registration and Fees


The cost of the courses and the accomodations will be paid on spot. First register for MUSICAVIVA association, pay the membership fee and register yourself for the chosen course. Follow these instructions:

 1)  Fill out the Musicaviva Association entry form       Download Entry Form and send it via e-mail to:

 2)  Send the registration fee of € 50.00 by bank transfer to the coordinates indicated below, indicating the payment as :

          (add the name of the partecipant)

                   For the Bank transfer:   UNICREDIT BANCA

IBAN: IT 55 V 02008 30871 0000 41277793 
Codice BIC Swift: UNCRITM1EB1

          3)  Proceed with the ONLINE registration of your course filling all relevant fields   


  • string instruments:  € 530,00 
  • all other instruments:  € 400,00    
  • additional instrumental course: € 150,00  (optional)     
  • lyric song course:  € 250,00                                                                                             
  • Shared room in B&B € 200.00 per week max 3/4 people
  • Single room in B&B: € 43,00 per day
  • Shared lodging for 5/6 persons including kitchen € 20.00 a day and € 140,00 for all di week
  •   Meals in an affiliated restaurant / sports club: € 10.00 per meal, drinks excluded
For overnight stays at an B & B, participants must provide the payment directly at check-in at the guest accommodation.
For shared accommodations payment must be made to Musicaviva. 
Students enrolled in the course are free to make their own arrangements for lodgings and meals with non-affiliated facilities.
 Affiliated B & B structures:
 ·        The Grangia Bed and Breakfast: Località La Grangia, 34 - Mango (CN) Tel.: (+39) 0141.89556 fax 0141/839806 cell. 3389348093 
 ·        Casa Forte Alba in Langa: Guest House Via Molinari 31 12056 - Mango (CN) Tel.:(+39) 0141 89384 cell. 3338375307


The Musicaviva Association is covered for any damage that its members might cause to third parties through an insurance policy with the Company Unipol-Sai Div.Sai and Accident Insurance through Fitel Piemonte.


  • The Musicaviva Association assumes no responsibility for physical injuries caused by accidents that may occur during the course or during any recreational activity. 
  • The Association is not able to reduce the normal risks related to roads open to public traffic so each participant must be responsable for himself and behave with prudence, observing the existing rules.
  • The Association reminds all members that they are expected to respect normal standards of conduct, coexistence and respect for others, and to maintain an appropriate behaviour in a course of study.


By registering  for the course, the participant gives his consent to the Musicaviva Association to carry out, by any means or technical type of recording and transmission currently existing or hereafter devised, filming and radio recordings, television and / or cameras that use partially or totally his/her image and his/her intervention on the occasion of lectures, concerts, recitals during the musical week that will take place in Mango (CN), in any form or manner, without limitations of space, time, or duplication steps as part of publicising and disseminating Association activities. The Association reserves the right to use photographic images, audio and video recordings for promotion in connection with this event and future events, or to publish sound recordings and videos for promotional and demonstration purposes. The same footage, with or without interventions of retrofitting or adaptation, does not give and will not give any right to any compensation or reimbursement for the use of their image or provision in the future, in any way.







Enrolment in the courses implies full and complete acceptance of these regulations. Legal channels are excluded as they are not explicitly provided for by the Regulation itself. If so, please refer to the Civil Code to the laws that regulate the specific subject. This Regulation can be modified for rganizational reasons.


-      Any changes will be communicated to members.